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Come and get the goodies. Here are the various files available for download.

CAD software

Since I wrote the original version of the site over a decade ago things have moved on a bit. I originally drew the plans using a free version of a software package called TurboCAD, which still exists but is now on v19 instead of the v2 or v3 I originally used! Nowadays you can get trial versions of TurboCAD which I assume will be adequate for basic file opening and rendering, but I haven’t yet tried myself. I assume there will be plenty of other examples of free software capable of opening the drawing files – with luck some of them might even work on non-Windows platforms.

These are the original files I created with the software available to me at the time I built my rig, Lotus WordPro and TurboCAD LE. They were comparatively obscure software packages then; they’ re barely ever heard of these days. If you really feel the urge to see the files exactly as I saw them when I made them then you will need to find copies of the software.

For the drawings I used TurboCAD LE which is a free download, but unfortunately my laptop seems to be far too modern to be able to run it. Alternatively you can get a time-limited trial version here.

The construction manual was written with Lotus WordPro, a component of SmartSuite.

Original Lotus and TurboCAD files

Plan A – .TCW (52kb)
Plan B – .TCW (42kb)
Plan C – .TCW (58kb)
Plan E – .TCW (56kb)
Plan F – .TCW (58kb)

Files saved in portable formats

These versions are saved in commonplace formats, but may lack some of the original formatting. I guess they will still be readable though. I have exported the WP documents in MS Word format (.doc), and the CAD drawings in Document Exchange Format (.dxf) which should be readable by most CAD software.

If you encounter any problems downloading or viewing any of the files, or find broken links, I would be grateful if you would mail me and let me know.
Pamphlet – MS Word (614kb)

Plan A – .DXF (66kb)
Plan B – .DXF (31kb)
Plan C – .DXF (65kb)
Plan E – .DXF (64kb)
Plan F – .DXF (121kb)

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